100 Station Parade, Harrogate North Yorkshire, HG1 1HQ
Telephone: 01423 561 566

Catherine Edwards

Catherine treats a wide variety of patients from babies to adults using a combination of cranial and structural techniques, as well as looking into postural and ergonomic factors.  She is interested in finding the root of the problem so that a course of treatment can be devised to relieve the symptoms as soon as possible, and then to prevent them from recurring through a combination of exercise and ergonomic advice.  Catherine is dedicated to an integrated approach, working with her patients’ consultants, obstetricians and GPs to enable patients to have the best all round care.

Catherine has a special interest in treating musculoskeletal pain in pregnant and post-natal women.  She believes it is common, but not normal, for women to suffer unnecessary pain during pregnancy or following birth, and that there are few musculoskeletal symptoms that cannot be helped by osteopathic treatment at these times.

She also does check ups for newborn babies, and treats older children.

Educated at Queen Ethelburga’s School in Harrogate, she qualified from the British Schoool of Osteopathy in 1991 with a BSc Hons Ost and gained experience in practise in Leeds, Doncaster, Otley and Barnsley before joining Harrogate Osteopathic Clinic in 1997.

Following the birth of her two children, Catherine completed an intensive two year course to gain an MSc in paediatric osteopathy via the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Manchester.

Catherine’s interest in sports therapy and management gave her the initial impetus for her osteopathic career.  This interest remains an integral part of her treatment and programmes, ranging from games for children with co-ordination and balance problems to core-stability exercises for adults with back conditions.